Mike Rowan (aka Big Rory) has been performing on stilts for over thirty years and is one of the most "stilt knowledgeable" people on earth.

In April 1988 he became the first person in the world to ski on stilts, reaching a speed of 44 mph (71 kph).

He has also climbed 60 feet up ships rigging in stilts.
In 2002 he also became the first person to walk on stilts on stilts! 

In creating Stiltz (prototype pictured below), the safest stilts ever to be designed, he made twenty-one prototypes. They went on to win the John Logie Baird Award for "The most innovative product from an entrepreneur" out of 320 nation-wide entrants, and were subsequently mass produced in England and Mexico.
Mike also designed and built all 12 six foot stilts for one of the Rover television adverts.

He has taught over one thousand people to walk on stilts. 

Here he is testing Stiltz protoype (made from fibreglass) to destruction.