Photo courtesy of Enrightography

Big Rory & Ochie The Dog

Big Rory and Ochie the Dog are no ordinary street theatre characters. They explode onto an audience. A giant Scotsman and his endearing giant dog. Visually enormous, their characters are huge too. People (and often dogs) fall in love with Ochie. They look adoringly into his eyes, they can’t help cuddling him, but he’s a rascal too, full of surprises. This is one of the best street theatre walkabouts in the world. 

Thanks ever so much for your efforts last week. You were a huge success and with every sifferent kind of punter - the kids at the carnival and some of our best heeled supporters at the festival. The whole duo of Big Rory and Ochie is without question one of the most enjoyed acts we have ever had at the festival over the years, the Ochie character - and costume - being completely charming and totally naughty. I need hardly say more!
— Stewart Collins, Henley Festival
Big Rory & Ochie were without a doubt the highlight of the entertainment program, delighting the large crowds with their hilarious antics. In my opinion, they are the best adult orientated roving act I have engaged in 13 years of coordinating the event. In previous years we have engaged the ‘Seagulls’ who were equally entertaining and professional act. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Big Rory & Ochie for any festival or function.
— Doug Jarvis, Event Coordinator, Skandia Geelong Week

The Giant Seagulls

Totally surrealistic, with working beaks, they'll be rummaging in bags and pockets, stealing food from plates and picnic baskets, causing chaos as usual and squabbling amongst themselves. Shrieks of laughter follow them wherever they go. And now you can have a flock of four of them.

Its like creature comforts on steroids, only better; for a wonderful blink of time they make the worlds nasty bits disappear. Highly recomended. On a five-star rating i’d give them six!
— Jan Nary, Australian National Folk Festival
Your Giant Seagulls have become iconic in Teignmouth, squawking along the fine line between entertainment and nuisance
— Helen Bapty, Teignbridge District Council

The Sniffer Dogs - BRAND NEW SHOW

The Sniffer Dogs are ideal for any festival.  A pair of official hounds out and about in search of unusual smells. Surreal security they have people screaming with laughter. Hiarious!  See new video at Woodford Folk Festival in VIDEO section.

“Yet another triumph for Surreal McCoy. The outrageous dogs of “It’s a dogs life” in turn terrorised and delighted our festival crowds. They were an undoubted hit of the festival. Mike and Rachel with their generous and flexible approach were a delight to work with and are an asset to any festival any where “
— Neil Butler, Director Merchant City Festival
“What can I say - you were fantastic. Everyone appreciated the energy and enthusiasm you put into the event. It was exceptional.”
— Dave Newton Managing Director Nova International "Great Runs"

Photos courtesy of Enrightography.

The Hell's Cockies

A pair of bogan bikie cockies (everything you've always loved) out on the ran dan. With rising sulphur crests, Hells Cockies leather jackets and rings in their beaks these iconic Aussie birds are deliciously cheeky!

The Big Boys

The Biggest Wee Pipe Band in The World. These two giant musicians will have you laughing and doing a jig all at the same time! Commissioned for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, they have been going strong ever since. A fabulous addition to any event.

Available for Christmas dressed in red and white jackets and playing Christmas Carols!



The Urban Meerkats

A Pair of human sized Meerkats. Highly strung and totally paranoid, they are in constant search of the predators out to get them. Alert and twitching on street corners, popping up by bins and bushes. Checking constantly with the general public. Determined to find the dreaded predators before they find them.

“Beautiful, great, fantastic, delicious, wonderful, amazing, sweet, warm and magic. You helped us make Frestas in a way no one forgets.”
— Frestas, Portugal


Canterbury Tails are a pair of hybrid Horse Humans. Thoroughbred in both looks and nature, they will trotting and cantering through sites sizing up the racing potential and chatting about the odds with those they encounter at the races,  or chumming it up with their fellow equines on the farm. Adaptable to any situation, these characters are beautifully eccentric.

There are some street entertainers who could put on a plastic bin bag and still entertain better than most, and Surreal McCoy, are right up there with them. Once again they have created a pair of characters, with appropriately aft costumes, who you cannot fail to fall in love and who will never fail to entertain...
— Stewart Collins, Henley Festival
Your ability to overcome a mini crisis and make the night look so professional astounds me, you leave me in complete awe. You helped make the evening a sensation, thank you.
— Julia Arthur, Grimsby & Scunthorpe Newspapers

Death Row Jethro

(Known to his pals as Peggy) Fierce looking 8' 6" high retired sea captain is a big softie really. With Polly, his psychic talking plastic parrot, he gently pokes fun at his audience. Wonderful warm character, wonderful costume, he's absolutely perfect for seaside venues and great with the Seagulls.

Thank you so much...we were so happy that you could attend the show and I have to tell you that you provided what proved to be the highlight of the show...We were so impressed by the professionalism, the fantastic costumes and the sheer good fun we had, it really made the weekend.
— Catharine Pickering, Macphie of Glenbervie Ltd
“Bloody Marvelous!”
— UEFA Champions League Cup Final, Glasgow



At last Surreal McCoy are doing Christmas! From the duo you can trust -  A pair of carol singing Giant Cockatoos or a Giant nine foot Santa and his lead reindeer, High Maintenance Rudolph, the Red Nose Reindeer. You’ll have your shoppers in stitches!

It is a very rare, a very special act, that has appeal to all ages and is both memorable and loveable. Big Rory and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer are that kind of special, much sought after, quality act. They generated waves of laughter and affection during our Winter Festival and were a massive hit with thousands of shoppers in Inverness City Centre. If you are looking for an act that is literally head and shoulders above the rest, pick up the phone and book them now!
— Gerry Reynolds, Highland Council
“Highly professional, reliable and very flexible”
— Southampton Tall Ships